Are you a super-successful, multiple six-figure Black Woman entrepreneur
or expert who HASN’T
broken the seven-figure mark?
(But you know in your heart of hearts you SHOULD have BY NOW?)

Is it OK if I share a secret … just between me and you? Right now, there is a ceiling on your success, potential, and income. And if you don’t find a way around it, you’ll be stuck right where you are now—halfway up the success elevator—forever! The problem is … as a Black Woman entrepreneur, you’ve been looking for your way out in all the wrong places:

  • You have invested GREATLY with people who DON’T know what you’re up against and who CAN’T help you design your way up and out.


  • You are sick of pouring good money after bad, hiring unavailable and ineffective coaches, trainers, systems, live events, and masterminds that WERE NEVER designed for you—let alone purposefully custom-crafted for ANY Black Woman to make her first million.


  • You hope like hell someone finally ACKNOWLEDGES the external pressures, expectations, and even stigma you face as a Black Woman of power and means. So you can claim your own share of success. But nothing measures up.


And it all leaves you wondering: Am I doomed to be a seven-figure sister stuck in a six-figure reality?

You don’t know it, my sister in success, but at THIS INSTANT you are a stone’s throw away from breaking generational curses, living a life of impact. Influence. And the first big leap toward the SEVEN-FIGURE affluence that is your rightful place and destiny is literally one click away!


Cause here’s God’s Truth for you (you know it and I know it … even if the folks you’ve been trusting to mentor you don’t seem to):

Being a super-successful spirit-led Black Woman is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways. Inwardly, there is the history of hurts we have inherited that we have to contend with on a daily basis.

(And if anyone says “race isn’t real” or “slavery is done, so get over it,” they’re full of sh!!@#$.)

Then there’s the reality that Black Women of power and means often get positioned as “angry,” threatening, too much, snooty (Who do you think YOU are?), intimidating, the workhorse, scapegoat, cash cow, or as the wallet.

It’s enough to make you wanna holla. Spit. Break things. Curse people out. But here’s what’s worse:


All of this emotional bondage literally sabotages
your shot at being a seven-figure sister.

Real talk.

And due to our inherited history of slavery, we are wired to survive. That means, every minute of every day we have to be “strong,” “work hard,” and do what we have to. After all, we CAN’T NOT prove them wrong, defend ourselves, earn it (so NO ONE can throw it back in our face), overcome it, or make it in spite of the odds.

Simply put, as a super-successful Black Woman, you and I have been taught and rewarded for “doing” whatever it takes to “make it.”

The only problem with that is all that “doing” will NEVER make you a millionaire. It will simply exhaust every fiber of your being.

But what if you could discover an avenue to success, designed by a successful Black Woman for successful Black Women, that leveraged who you REALLY are to shatter that seven-figure barrier?

  • What if you could lay your burden down, stop “doing” and start “being?”
  • What if you could discover the secret every single Black Woman millionaire knows deep in her soul: being a Black Woman millionaire is an internal state.
  • What if you could anchor yourself in this deep internal state of being. So you transformed from someone trying to “get” somewhere by “doing” to someone who allows the magic, miracles, and millions to rush toward YOU with ease, fulfillment, and succulent self-expression!
  • And what if your shift from “doing” to “being” throws open the doors to your heart so you can RECEIVE all the goodness of life.
So your external actions stop being rooted in survival and pain. And instead, shift to the soul soil of possibility! So you NATURALLY create your own market, hone your million-dollar message, and start a movement that transforms your mess into something beautiful, magnetic, and profound: That inspires millions and attracts millions!

Wouldn’t YOU become a category of one?
Incomparable. Unbelievable. Unstoppable!

Aren’t you HUNGRY to be able to WRITE THE CHECK with a whole lot of zeroes?

You don’t know it, my sister in success, but you are a stone’s throw away from breaking generational curses, living a life of impact, influence, AND affluence. You know it’s your time. You can feel it in the very beat of your heart, in the tears you have cried, in the sacrifices you have made so others could win.

It’s time for YOU to live the lifestyle of the rich and fabulous! Register now to join me, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, The Defy Impossible Expert and Million-Dollar Moneymaker™ Strategist, for a live webinar that will put you on a collision course with your million-dollar destiny!


testimonial blurbs-jenenneWhen I started working with Dr. Venus in my VIP mentoring, I had a thriving 6-figure speaking and coaching company. I wanted to increase revenue, strengthen my messaging, and learn how to build a system for more efficient delivery of service to clients. As a result of her mentoring, I have laser focused on my messaging, resulting in a 50% increase in my opt-ins and a 50% conversion rate; I’ve found my “sweet spot” in my branding of my company, and strengthened my ability to close sales. Dr. Venus has an uncanny gift of hearing what you aren’t saying and then crafting strategies for immediate results. I hail her program Street Smarts for CEOs as a transformational tool and have witnessed her skill at creating programs that generate unprecedented revenue. I like to think of her mentoring style as “keeping it real” wrapped in compassion and commitment. For me, Dr. Venus was the missing link. I knew I needed something but couldn’t put my finger on it. In our first phone conversation, her clarity moved me to tears. She freely poured into me and laser focused on an obstacle in my business. At that point, I knew I had found the answer.Testimonial Signature-Jenenne
If you liked the Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon, you are going to LOVE Seven-Figure Secrets for Six-Figure Sisters!!! This LIVE exclusive, stunningly effective training webinar was made for us and by us. Walk in my shoes for a moment. And imagine yourself:
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  • Combine that mountain of piping hot wisdom with my already proven track record of generating over $7 million for my clients over the last five years…
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Simply put: I know a thing or two about getting
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But besides that, I am BURSTING to share this exclusive training with six-figure sisters who are SERIOUS about seven-figure success. I soooooooooo wanted us to have something of our own—that actually works! (White men millionaires have theirs, Why not us?)

In fact, check this out from one of my white male clients. Yes, I know he’s white—and money’s green. Before I focused my million-dollar brain trust on making sisters millionaires, I coached and consulted white men CEOs of private equity companies with no less than ten million dollars in revenue. So obviously, I am not anti-anyone. I am just very pro-Black Women getting paid.

testimonial blurbs-tommySince working with Dr. V. as an executive coach and business consultant, I have transformed the outcomes. I am creating and fashioning a life I love. This new life is characterized by effectiveness with myself and my experience of my life as well as having much more influence with circumstances and people.Testimonial Signature-Tommy
When you join me for this LIVE 2-hour life-changing webinar training, you will take a deep dive into never before revealed secrets to finally shatter the 7-figure ceiling:
  • How the history of hurts we have inherited as Black Women has more to do with preventing our crossing the million-dollar mark than ANYTHING we have done as individuals. (Thank God! NOW you can stop beating yourself up!!!)
  • How millions do not chase character (trust me—I know a bunch of jerks who make it rain on a regular basis). I will REVEAL exactly what millions DO chase! #holla
  • Why “working hard” actually REPELS you from being a sister millionaire. (Crazy, right? As Black Women we have been socially rewarded for working hard—which is why we hover near the seven-figure mark, but haven’t crossed it en masse—until now!)
  • While it flies in the face of common sense, here is the truth: Its easier to make one million than it is to make one hundred thousand. (You are closer to your first mill than you think—when you know where to look and how to leverage!)
  • The #1 strategy every Black Woman millionaire I know used to break her first million!
  • Why being mad, hurt, resigned, resentful, or jealous is literally keeping you stuck at the multiple six-figure ceiling. And EXACTLY what you must do to break through!
  • Discovering what it really takes to go from multiple six figures to your first million. (Psssst… here is a hint: It’s the same strategy that turns water to ice. It’s the difference between being a slave and being the master of your destiny—and it works!
  • How your relationship with your momma and your daddy—good, bad, or non-existent—is manipulating your million-dollar future.
Understand this: I wasn’t born a 7-figure sister. I’ve worked my butt off to finally break through the bonds of history and discover the real roots of Black Women’s success. So I KNOW if you are:
  • Currently a multiple six-figure earning Black Woman entrepreneur or expert
  • Authentic, honest, transparent, with strong personal integrity
  • Willing to do the real work to be free, fulfilled, and handsomely rewarded for the inherent value and intrinsic worth you NATURALLY bring to life
  • Committed to not simply making money but making a massive difference with your fortune
  • Ready to happily invest emotional intimacy, time, money, and resources into YOUR SUCCESS, without it being a sacrifice or a hardship for you or your family
  • And above all . . . READY TO WIN.

You would be nuts to miss this training!

Understand, a presentation this profound, this groundbreaking … can only be experienced LIVE. So understand … there will NOT be a replay. The content is soooooooooooo valuable, I am only willing to make it available for the sisters who work out their lives to be there LIVE.

While this training is valued at over $3,500, I am offering it to you, sis, at NO COST.

I will also open the lines at the end of the training to actually pour everything I have into you and answer any questions you may have.

When you consider all I have gone through to acquire these secrets.


And all it will SAVE you from …. this one benefit alone is PRICELESS.

This training is a RARE, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the success secrets you’ve been yearning for. Customized for super-successful Black Women … like you! Think of it this way: When you invest the time and emotional availability to discover proven internal and external strategies from REAL LIVE Black Women Millionaires, you position yourself on the fast – track to breaking your first million. And when you do that—you never have to slave or kiss a$$ again. (I’m just sayin…)

If you are ready to leap into your destiny, I invite you to register by clicking the link below,  and be proud. You are about to take the first step to discovering how to break your first million, baby!

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